Love Earth Cafe & Bakery Reviews

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My partner and I just ordered from here. I could tell you the quesadilla and artichoke and spinach burger were fantastic. Their desserts, like the brownie and double chocolate cookie, are even better!
Bradley Popkin

Review based on delivery only!
I think I’ve ordered from Love Earth 10+ times now. I moved here mid-November, mid-pandemic, and this is the only fully vegan place on the island that delivers to me. Love the spinach and artichoke burger, love the baked goods (the brownie is HUGE–I’m a big eater and I couldn’t finish it in one sitting). Everything is delicious. Love their sauces–the creamy pesto? yes. the very spicy buffalo sauce? tangy and impressive. the sauce on their revolution burger? hell yah. It’s embarrassing actually, I’m 95% sure the delivery guy knows my address by now.
Their fries aren’t the best, but they’re not super dry–I think they do their best to make delicious but health-conscious foods.
I had concerns about living in SI as a vegan foodie, but thnk u Love Earth
Tiffy Y.

By far the BEST vegan food on Staten Island. Pizzas are amazing. The cheese on it is melty and delicious, and the crust is fresh. Just don’t burn your tongue on it like I did . Their sandwiches are also phenomenal. I don’t think you can go wrong with your pick. There are healthy choices as well as some junk food vegan.
The best thing about Love Earth though is the bakery. The sugary goodness that is the cookie dough balls and their linzer tarts… mmmm. Only thing is… on some days, the baked good are the best thing ever, and some days it’s just OK.
Natalie T.

Amazing food!! The spinach artichoke burger was amazing!!!! Buffalo cauliflower all top notch!!
Now let’s talk pastries and cookies the linzer torte!!
Are one of the best things I ever had and get this there dairy free gluten free nut free and soy free!!whhhatt kind of makes me feel like I’m eating healthy smh.
I took a dozen of them to a family and I also took cupcakes, donuts and brownies everyone raved about them
I also what to say the staff here is amazing !!! Great staff great service.
George M.

Awesome, fresh, delicious food! I am so thankful a place like this exists on Staten Island, it is beyond overdue. In house, their food is wonderfully fresh and flat out GOOD. Delivery was as close as eating in house as can be. The best part is I know I’m eating healthfully when I’m eating out at love earth, now I just have to convert everyone I know.
Elena Bisignano

Love this business
Everything is fresh and you know exactly what you’re eating. The staff is warm, friendly and welcoming. The outdoor area is comfortable and love being surrounded by the plants. We got hot matcha lattes that were delicious and we tried the sweet potato burger & the Mediterranean burger, SO GOOD!!! Absolutely amazing quality, will be my new go-to. Of course we also had to try pastry’s and opted for a brownie and jelly cookie, super good as well. Overall 10/10, even the bathroom was super clean and sanitary, with a lit up faucet. Love this place!!!
Amanda T.

Okay so what your gonna wanna do is get to LoveEarth and have a brownie, pretty much as soon as possible.
You will not be disappointed. It is by far the best brownie vegan or not you will ever have. I get the ELT on a roll. It’s awesome ! The bread is from Brooklyn and you can taste it. I want one right now just talking about it. Go try it for yourself.
Alissa C.

First time trying this place and what a pleasant experience all round. Everyone is so sweet and food is delicious and made with love. You can just tell.  Broccoli & cheddar balls, artichoke burger & Buffalo cauliflower wrap all so good!
Netka S.

Great little place! I love the food and of course the cause. I will be back anytime I am on the island. Please support this gem!
Cream O.

Fantastic….. This place was pretty good. There’s something for everyone. The staff was very nice and friendly. I have nothing bad to say!
Virginia P.

Finding a vegan restaurant in Staten Island is like mining for gold.  This restaurant was wonderful, like stepping into a trendy Manhattan bistro, but bless them…….with a full vegan menu.   Complete with signature gourmet burgers, healthy baked fries, trendy sandwiches w crusty fresh baked bread, organic coffee, yummy desserts, and various drinks. I had spinach & artichoke signature burger and hubby had sausage and peppers.   If you are a vegan, walk NO run over to this place, and enjoy this wonderful vegan haven.  Wonderful friendly staff as well…..HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Marilyn Y.

My first time having vegan food and I have to say that it was amazing! If you haven’t visited love earth run don’t walk !!! It’s delicious and the owners are amazing people…  The pastries are out of this world!
Thank you, Alexa !!
Helene V.