About Love Earth Café & Bakery

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Love Earth Café & Bakery began when Renee Raia, Danielle Dilillo, and Nicole Gerardi partnered to fulfill their dreams.  In March 2019, Renee and Danielle wanted to open a plant-based café…they even founded the name before they found the space!  Synchronicity led them to Nicole who had desired to open an allergen-friendly bakery.  They combined their visions and that’s how Love Earth was created!

Renee Raia, Danielle Dilillo, and Nicole Gerardi

Their individual stories and how they came together!

Renee Raia has been plant-based for 30 years and started her culinary career as Vegan by Renee.  Renee cooked for various events including being a resident chef at The Pocono Barn, a yoga retreat center.  By hosting cooking classes, winning competitions, Renee is an advocate for the many benefits of being plant-based.  In 2017 Renee self-published Heal The Planet, Heal Your Soul. This book was recognized as a top new release and bestseller by Amazon in the field of antioxidants and phytochemicals; and also recognized in the self-help, new age, and vegan diet category.

Danielle Dilillo owned a cafe and bakery for twenty years which was the first to add a paleo menu on Staten Island.  Danielle was striving for healthier eating options beyond that, so studied Ayurveda and looked for holistic solutions for great health.  Based on Danielle’s great understanding of how a restaurant business runs, she wanted to take this further. 

Renee and Danielle were then introduced because of their love of being plant-based.  They then realized they had combined talents and compassion for people, animals, and the environment, which drove their interest in plant-based options towards opening a café.

And then there’s Nicole Gerardi who has a son Anthony with severe food allergies and always wished for a safe place where she can dine with her family.  Nicole wanted her son to not feel as if he was missing out on fun foods and desserts, and decided to open an allergen-friendly bakery!  When Danielle and Renee learned via a family friend Nicole’s son wasn’t able to enjoy a cupcake or a cookie, it touched their hearts.  They also loved how Nicole was determined to master baking that would be allergen-friendly for all those affected! 

Danielle and Renee asked Nicole to invest in their plant-based café, bringing in her bakery concept!  They all Love The Earth so that’s how Love Earth Café & Bakery opened in September 2019.

Love Earth is the only dining establishment on Staten Island that’s plant-based and allergen-friendly! 

Come & enjoy!  

Feel good about the food you eat while supporting the Earth you Love.